Decrease Classroom Sizes
& College Tuition Costs

Increase The Quality Of
Early Childhood Education

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Full Medicaid Expansion

Reduce The Cost Of Healthcare



Livable Wages


Create Better Paying Jobs

Address The Gender & Minority Pay Gap



The Issues

Our community needs more than just a vote. We deserve an advocate. I’m running to restore balance, transparency and common sense to our government. It’s not about a political party, it’s about finding the right solutions for our state.

 Our campaign is driven by a passion to challenge the political status quo when our community needs it the most. Progress in our area requires big, bold solutions and the political courage to see them through.

Lower Taxes

Remove Income Taxes On Social Security & Military Benefits See more

Clean Air

Promote Clean Air Solutions. See More 

Loan Debt Support

Create A Utah Solution For Student Loan Debt. Learn more



Remove Unneeded Business Regulations. See More

Quality Teachers

Incentives To Recruit & Retain Quality Teachers. See more


Require Open-Door Policy Meetings See more


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About Peter Tomala

As a former teacher and career counselor, I believe that education is the path to lower crime, decreased poverty and additional jobs in our area. Every student deserves the opportunity to complete their degree and secure a well paying job in their chosen career field.

I am proud to call West Valley City home and I’ll work every day to promote our strong, diverse and hard-working community. It is my promise to always put people before politics and celebrate our differences by advocating for all of our families.

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Contact Us

Have an idea for a bill? Is there an issue that no one is talking about? Have a question for our campaign? Reach out to me and I’ll get back to you. I promise that I will always listen and communicate with you. Regardless of what the topic is, I’ll always respond to you.

Tomala for State House

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