Your Voice = My Legislation


 I feel strongly about these issues because they came from you. They address the needs of our community and have support across political parties. Our community demands big, bold solutions and the political courage to see them through. I’ll fight and advocate for any issue that makes a positive impact in our district. Don’t see an important issue on this list? Contact me.


Education is the backbone of our society. We need to get serious about our kids’ future and stop kicking the can down the road. An alarming number of students aren’t graduating high school and 3 out of 4 high school graduates aren’t ready for college. We can invest more in education without raising taxes but we need to get our priorities straight. From early childhood education to college, the investments we make today will create a stronger Utah tomorrow.


Politics and politicians have failed us when it comes to healthcare in Utah. Our government refused to listen to a majority of Utahns when they denied Full Medicaid Expansion. We wasted hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars while at the same time cutting lives short in our neighborhoods. Morality and economics tell us expanding Medicaid is the right thing to do.


Working in the tech industry, the biggest complaint I receive from businesses is our lack of skilled labor. Allowing businesses and the government to partner on training programs that develop talent that fits our economy’s needs means more high paying jobs. The state should get out of the business of picking winners and losers through an overreaching regulatory climate that hinders innovative companies. Utah is also second to last in the nation for the pay difference between women and men. We can do better.

Lower Taxes

I will actively look for ways to lower our taxes while supporting public services. It isn’t too good to be true. Our legislature spends tens of millions of dollars every year on programs and lawsuits that provide no impact to taxpayers. We can provide more funding to education and healthcare and put more money in your wallet if we get special interests out of the government’s back pocket. The state should also not be taxing our veterans and retired workers as they have already paid their dues.
  • – Remove Income Taxes On Social Security and Military Benefits
  • – Find Ways To Reduce Taxes On The Middle Class
  • – Prioritize Funds That Benefit Utahns

Clean Air

The biggest health crisis facing Utah is our dirty air. And yet, last year there was no sizable action from our legislature. Dirty air causes pregnancy complications, increases respiratory problems, leads to premature death and negatively impacts tourism and the local economy. What are we waiting for?

Quality Teachers

One of the greatest challenges facing our state is the lack of quality teachers. We’ve devalued the profession enough that we are now facing a historic teacher shortage. We need to pay our teachers more. It’s that simple. If the legislature doesn’t have the courage to increase public teacher pay, we can provide incentives to recruit and retain quality teachers. Balancing the state’s budget off of the backs of teachers is beyond words. We’re already falling behind the curve on teacher retention so recruiting the next generation of teachers starts now.

Personal Freedoms 

What is the proper role of government? Should it protect our rights and freedoms, or control our lives because it knows better? I believe we should be able to live our life without the government telling us what to do. The government has a role to provide public safety, transportation and education but other than the necessities, it should get out of the way. We should defend individual liberty, respect private property and promote a free market with less restrictive regulations. We still have too many government regulations that are hindering innovative companies like Zenefits and Tesla from bringing jobs to the state. Whether it is the 2nd Amendment, medical marijuana, common sense liquor laws or overreaching government regulations, we’d be better off with less government- not more.


One of the top concerns I’ve heard from our neighbors is the level of crime in our area. There isn’t one solution that will make our communities safer but there are a lot of good places to start. First, providing affordable health care, liveable wages and quality education helps to break the cycle of poverty and close the school to prison pipeline. Second, we can’t arrest our way out of the problem. We need more police officers on the street so they can focus on proactive policing and building bridges within the community. Third, we need to treat mental illness and addiction as a public health issue, not solely a criminal problem. Lastly, we need to do a better job of educating our community about what services are available to them so those wanting to get out of trouble, can.
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